VIBES celebrates the meeting in physical presence and plays with aspects of human communication – with dance strong in expression. The wavelength, sensual information, the sizzling spark, the mood and the unoutspoken are main sources of this performance.

Five dancers articulate their dialogue through dance – without speaking out the words. They dance those unoutspoken words with a uniquely created body language. Their “dialogues“ entangle the audience in the stimulus of physical presence, in the energy and vibration of the moment. The freedom of interpretation and the pitfalls of communication between humans lead to an intriguing exchange. With an exhilarating dance vocabulary and great sensibility the dancers create a vibrating and communicative performance.

dance performance in the space between words

Do 16.09.2021, 20 Uhr PREMIERE
Fr 17.09.2021, 20 Uhr
Sa 18.09.2021, 20 Uhr
So 19.09.2021, 18 Uhr

artistic director: Britta Lieberknecht
choreography: Britta Lieberknecht & Company
dance: Clara Thierry, Dario Wilmington, Jacob Gómez Ruiz, Maria Flores Mujica, Nitsan Margaliot
sounds: Gerno Bogumil
dramaturge: Jutta Dunkel
lighting design: Dietrich Schuckließ
photos: Martin Miseré
video: Barbara Schroer
PR design: Mira Savani Falkenberg, Frank Domahs

Funded by the Culture Department of the city of Cologne

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