Commedy about the rolls of man and woman. BLACK AND WHITE is a funny irritating game about gender. Man and woman wear female dessous, he black, she white. While they try to synchronize their movements his physical appearance becomes more and more absurde. After he tried to carry her he deposes the woman like a piece of furniture and goes to chop some wood. There she jumps on his back and woodchopping turns heavy. She steals the apple he took out of his braw and wanted to chop and manouvers it at the end of a strange solodance into her underpants. The interaction of the partners turns desasterous until they die lying ontop of each other on the floor. Both performers enhance in this performance their androgynity and especially Reinhard Gerum's special physics to the clownesque and absurd. They make the audience laugh, in some performances even with screaming laughter.

Dance Magazine London

by Lesley Barnes

“...the following solo had a hypnotic beauty of its own, that makes you want to see more of her work.”


Dancetheatre by and with Britta Lieberknecht and Reinhard Gerum

Music: Ry Cooder
Photos: Iris Raschke