Funky Waltz is a poetic dance piece with pure dancing, colourful spaces and music.
„The encounter of dance with musical rhythm- so simple was the concept of this „Funky Waltz“. Surprisingly exciting and ingenious the result.“ ( Kölner Stadtanzeiger)

In „Funky Waltz“ Britta Lieberknecht takes rhythm for the origine of dance. The dancers paint their passionate movements like calligraphy into the glowing atmospheres. A symmetrical and synchrone duo alternates with expressive solos. With concision the individual characters are emphasized while to the contrary individuality is put into question during the duo. But the different bodytypes of the dancers do not allow the loss of personality even when dancing completely synchrone.

The relationship of dance and music develops captivatingly through the course of the performance. In the opening solo the dancing is tied to every musical accent. In the following duo they are in dialogue. Then the dance fights against the music and the relationship reaches parallelity. After having reached harmony Britta Lieberknecht's solo liberates the dance from the music.

The historic waltz „Drumtalk“ from Max Roach opens the composition for drumset, udu percussion and electronics by Christoph Hillmann. He develops the musical patterns with refinement, hinting at funkrhythms and weaveing oriental and african motives to a colourful and sensitive music.

The space transforms its shape and perspective as it passes through blendings of shining colours. Lighting designer Marco Wehrspann chrystallizes the imagery of the choreography with intensely coloured spaces and emphasizes its humorous elements.

Its strong aesthetics, the high level of musicality and the inventiveness of the movement vocabulary are what distinguish this piece.

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

von Nicole Strecker

Funky Waltz in the Alte Feuerwache

A drumroll chases choreographer Britta Lieberknecht on stage like the flourish a circusclown. Also for the following it seems that the dancer has given up autonomy to the drumset played by Christoph Hillmann with unique waltz rhythms. Her torso collapses and shoots back up as if the drumset would pulse inside of her. Only in the duo with Nina Patricia Hänel, who dances with marvellous softness, the dancers maintain their independence. They seem to hold a hip-hop battle type dialogue showing each other their movement vcoabulary or they carefully come close as if they wanted with a subtle push keep the energy going between them forever like being a perpetuum mobile. Intense colours by lighting designer Marco Wehrspann let the dancers swimm bathing in blood like little black particles or spook around the space like green lit ghosts. The encounter of dance and musical rhythm- so simple was the concept of this „Funky Waltz“. Surprisingly exciting and ingenious the result.

Beate Sokoll

(cultural organizer)

“The difference of Britta Lieberknecht and Nina Hänel allowed always a double view on the movements, the space and the motion in the space, so that this way different perspectives appealed to me without me having to leave my seat.”

Quotation from an unpublished critic by Thomas Linden (Kölnische Rundschau)

15.10. 2007

Lustful escapade

„Britta Lieberknecht knows what she is doing, and this feels the audience, they like to be taken to an aesthetic adventure, because they know that they are always in safe hands.“


Danceduo with Livemusic

Duration: 1h
Choreography: Britta Lieberknecht
Dance: Nina Patricia Hänel, Britta Lieberknecht
Livemusic: Christoph Hillmann
Lights: Marco Wehrspann
Dramaturge/Stage: Reinhard Gerum
Videodocumentation: Gerrit Busmann
Videostills: Gerrit Busmann
Photo: Jane Dunker

stage minimum 10 x 10 m
The single solos and the duo from FUNKY WALTZ are also performed seperately.