In PRESS THE TROMBONE PLAYER motion is composed on all levels: the physical movement of the performers, the motion of the light, of the sound and movements executed with a musical instrument. The performers interact in inventive and ingenious ways and apply their means in an extraordinary and convincingly humorous manner.

On stage one can see an installation made from light bulbs by light artist Michael Vorfeld which determines the performance with its periodical on and off. With those bulbs images and effects are created, they are mounted to heaps, pulled in lines on a string, tossed through the air or they light the space calmly mounted on high steles. Britta Lieberknecht dances to the trombone music or moves the instrument itself with her body provoking strong imagery. In her Solo the light cuts her movement into excerpts forming a surreal composition, in other scenes she interacts with trombone player Paul Hubweber, who crosses the borders of making music and acts physically nearly like a dance partner. In a spectacular scene he balances the dancer on his lap through challenging situations while playing a blues until she takes over and shakes and presses the sounds out of his body. He plays a solo unfolding the noise spectrum of the trombone to the borderline and he also moves his intrument in stillness purely like an object in a duett with the dancer. Michael Vorfeld tosses a lightbulb in spiral patterns creating a flowing image. The performers relate to each other and always find new ways of contact. Finally they even undress in a trio and light their very different bodies with neon lamps- a truly bordercrossing and humorous performance with an extravagant and creative aesthetic.

Kölner Stadt- Anzeiger

by Basil Nikitakis

“Press the Trombone Player” is like former productions of Lieberknecht the try to evoke firesparks through the encounter of different art forms. In her piece it means: light becomes movement, dance forms a bipolar rhythm to the “on” and “off” of the light, music becomes the voice of the body, becomes sighing, hissing and roaring.”


trio for dancer, trombone player and lightartist

Duration: 60 Min.
Dance: Britta Lieberknecht
Trombone/Performance: Paul Hubweber
Lightinstallation/Performance: Michael Vorfeld
Dramaturg/Stage: Reinhard Gerum
Videodocumentation: Gerrit Busmann
Videostills: Gerrit Busmann

presented at the Festival Theaterzwang selecting outstanding productions from Northrhine Westphalia

Bühne ab 9 x 9m
keine Scheinwerferanlage notwendig