A woman and a man fight with each other in a playful and lustful manner. A chair breaks, but with cunning humor they arrive at becoming a couple finally. Two chipboards mark the the performers' space. Transforming from floor to walls they separate and connect the two characters. The interaction of woman, man and objects evokes vibrant imagery of a relationship.

CRASH has been developed for urban dance festivals and street theatre. It can be presented in indoor situations with the audience seated around the installation in a half circle. This is important for the playfulness and the communication aspect of the piece.

An earlier version of CRASH has been presented by the Goethe Institut Barcelona at the festival Dies de Dansa 2009.

Kölnische Rundschau

by Thomas Linden

What cannot all result from a „CRASH“. While the man still takes to pieces massive chairs the woman already turns piourettes. But the confrontation changes both, so that they develop a shared language for the body and feelings. How they are doing this showed Britta Lieberknecht in her choreography with Reinhard Gerum as performance project, which has been presented for the first time in the Kölner Theaterbummel. Finely balanced between lighthearted playing and sprouting eroticism the open air produced action develops imagery with a good grip in wich cunning and dominance are in wise dialogue. Where wood splinters at first finally tender tones dominate, enlighting the audience in the Rheinauhafen making a desire for more art from the current carrier of the Colgne Dancetheatre Award.


outdoor danceperformance
by Britta Lieberknecht and Reinhard Gerum

Video documetation: Karel Vanek
Photos: Jane Dunker, Frank Dohmas
Duration: 20 min.
for places, parks and halls
performing area 7 x 10 m
audience standing or seated in a half circle
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