EARSIGHTED confronts the audience with extraordinary perceptional situations. This sitespecific performance created for one or more spaces challenges the reception of the audience of dance, music and the space. Guided by the audience manager the spectators change their sitting formation and viewing and listening perspective for each scene. In the beginning the audience sits in a circle closely around the dancer, while the trombone sounds from a distance outside the space. Then they sit scattered in the dark space as the trombone sighs into their ears, and they can see the performers movements only in excerpts. Finally the spectators move freely through the space selecting their own perspective. In 4 scenes intmate closeness and distance, excerpt and oversight, the forced viewing and the freedom to select determine the spectators situation as they experience the vibrant relationship dancer and musician develop. Interacting also physically they find unique constellations. Image and sound split, coming back together in inexpected ways. With personal involvement the audience creates the exceptional atmosphere of this performance together with the artists.

Kölnische Rundschau

by Thomas Linden

“It is more than just an experience for your eyes and ears, what Britta Lieberknecht and Paul Hubweber offer in their performance “Earsighted” Exhilarating is already the beginning of the production. The great fasciation of their dialogue lies in the independency of both artists. Often they seem not even to have contact. But here the presence of the sharp sounding and the virtuosity of Lieberknecht's bodylanguage make the connection. A subtle form of erotics are created. Without any sexual connotation the tension of the performance loads up upon the selfassureness with which both performers deliver their part of the impressive composition.”


Sitespecific Danceperformance with livemusic

Duration: 1h
Dance: Britta Lieberknecht
Trombone/ Performance: Paul Hubweber
Lights: Reinhard Gerum
Audience Management: Pascale Rudolph
Videodocumentation: Ralph Goetz
Videostills: Ralph Goetz

EARSIGHTED was conceived for the church St. Petri Dortmund, the two story galery R. Haferkamp Cologne and the perfornmance venue CUBA Münster