Mathias Schwerbrocks 10 minutes film opens the programme. The English photographer Edward Muybridge photographed sequences of movement and studied the movements of people and animals backed by a grid scheme. He became famous with his sequences of nudes in all kinds of actions. Mathias Schwerbrock shows the dancer walking in rhythmic superslowmotion. The camera fragments the body and shows the motion flowing through the body and the space. A soundtrack suggests the atmosphere of evolution: the human rising on his two legs in the ancient savannah. We see the body master his most elementary way of locomotion from interesting camera viewpoints. Complexitiy and Beauty of the human walk are exposed in an impressive manner.


The dancesolo makes the second part of the programme. Inspired by the movement analysis invented by E. Muybridge Britta Lieberknecht created a choreographic system to construct motion. Inspired also by Trisha Brown she used a vectorial approach in a geometric system to define the movements and processed them to organic sequences. There is a feeling of precision and a variety of directions inside the flowing motion giving its special character. Instead of music the dancer uses the sound of her own breath. She sings her breathing in rhythmic patterns accompanying her movements. This makes her dancing emotional and increasingly intense. While she connects to the audience’s mind for composition with her patterns and variations she creates depth and passion with her sung breath and touches their heart.


is provocative about seduction and sexuality. Britta Lieberknecht brings mechanisms of erotic voyerism to the point and alienates the genders. 2 videosequences alternate with two live danced solopassages on a podium. The film shows a man’s eyes rolling in mesmerizing circles and twitching to the sound of a tabla. B. Lieberknecht then dances in white dessous wearing a pink wigg swinging her hips and circling her pelvis. No doubt: she has hypnotized those eyes. In the following filmsequence we see the man’s tounge. With an amazing choreography the tounge licks, circles and flickers with sexual indication and changes its shape. Creaturelike an independent being it shows its uniqueness as a muscular softtissueorgan. Britta Lieberknecht dances again and suddenly everything is distorted: on the second view the spectators realize that she has turned around the wigg and dances with her front to the audience as if it would be her back. Breasts become shoulderblades, bellymuscles become a muscular back- strongly androgynous. Femality, maleness, seduction and sexuality get to new positions: everything is possible, everything is open. BARBYHYPNOSIS shakes the gender and exposes the human body with its ingenuine expressiveness.


Soloprogramme in 3 parts

Film „Muybridge Dances“ s/w 10 min. by Mathias Schwerbrock
Performer: Britta Lieberknecht

Dance „Irxsprocks Horizon“
Dancer: Britta Lieberknecht
Duration: 24 min.

Dance and Videofilm „Barbiehypnosis“
By: Britta Lieberknecht
Music: Willy Daum, Zakir Hussein
Performer: Reinhard Gerum
Camera: Gerrit Busmann
Costumes: Britta Lieberknecht
Duration: 25 min.

Videostills: Mathias Schwerbrock, Gerrit Busmann

In the Soloprogramme MUYBRIDGE DANCES Britta Lieberknecht presents three creations inspired by Edwards Muybridge’s movement photography each showing a different form and expression.

Stage ca. 9m x 9m
Videobeamer and projection screen