For her 10 years jubilee Britta Lieberknecht and her performancepartner Paul Hubweber (trombone player) invited the Berlin performanceduo with dancer/ choreographer Ingo Reulecke and celloplayer Sebastian Hilken to exchange and collaborate. Both dancers Knew each other since 89 but never had worked together.
Out of improvisations they developed the one hour piece wich finished a 45 minute composition with a 15 minute improvisation.
Special about this quartett was the stage presence of all performers no matter if dancer or musician and the weaving of their actions.
Instruments, persons, sounds and motion was moved and related to each other to a composition. An ingenuine and humurous piece with an ending each evening different and uncertain originated.

“In different formations and compositions one now experiences the broadness of their imagination about sound, movement and rhythm. In solo and duo sequences, with one or two musicians, sometimes in stillness or finally with the soulful solosound of the instruments the artists develop a structured composition nearly free of any story. No doubt: here dance does not need to obey any story anymore...”
Franz Anton Cramer, Berlin (Dancecritic)


Quartett for 2 dancers and 2 musicians

Duration: 60 Min.
Choreography and Dance: Britta Lieberknecht, Ingo Reulecke
Music/Performance: Paul Hubweber (trombone), Sebastion Hilken (Cello)
Lighting Design: Wolfgang Wehlau
Videodocumentation: Gerrit Busmann
Photo: Sebastian Greuner