The videofilm leads the audience through Joffre Gorge in the Karijini Ranges in Australia.
In the main part of the gorge, once created by a huge waterfall, the film shows images of Britta Lieberknecht dancing at sunrise. For short one experiences the extraordinary acoustics of those giant red stone walls and the gravel grounds.

In the following live dance Britta Lieberknecht expresses her impression of the landscape and tells stories about its cultural past. She derives from the echo which her steps had created there: while stamping rhythmic passages she shouts and sings, whispers and talks. Dancing in big hiking boots she alternates between forceful stepwork and softly fluent dancing. It is the story of the dolphin and the kangaroo which the local Aboriginals tell, followed by a satire about the colonisation of the land.

Without any additional music her rhythmic dance and voicing forms the music of the piece. Weaving together the splendid landscape, the travellor's experience of freedom and the history of the place with the poetry and conflicts of its Aboriginal inhabitants KARIJINI SONG reflects the global side of culture today.


The Aboriginals formerly expulsed from the land read their stories in the stone formations of the landscape. They take a region in wich is not danced and sung for orphaned. Today they own and run Karijini National Park.
The performance provokes the audiences interest in a talk providing them with information about the culture of the Australian Aboriginals and their present situation, which we like to offer.


Film and Dancesolo about an Australian Desertlandscape

Duration: 30 Min.
Videofilm,Dance, Text, Costume: Britta Lieberknecht
Lights and Videoprojection: Wolfgang Pütz
Videodocumentation: Gerrit Busmann
Videostills: Britta Lieberknecht, Gerrit Busmann

stage Space 8 x 8 m
video beamer and projection screen