DINOSAUR is the story of a figure mutating back and forth between dinosaur, ape and dancer. Humorously it revises the idea of the humans being the crown of creation. The image of the dinos as gigantic fighting machines in comic strip and popular media is quoted and dismanteled as justification for human brutality and greed for power. The multitude of species and the intelligence of nature itself becomes highlited. The tender and growing overcomes the cliché in the final scene.

For 1 ¼ h a composition of dance, slide projection, voice, sound and light captures the senses of the audience. Max Hudsons slides show the world of the rubber dinos.In addition to the soundtrack the dancer and her technicians speak out live.

The piece functions like an openly dismanteled machine producing illusions. The technicians animate the dinos projecting them from the rim of the stage, imitate their voices and produce soundeffects live like breaking glass for the knock down.

DINOSAUR connects comic to poetical imagery and presents a popular theme ingenuinely. The critical presentation is lustfull and funny while the manyfold movement vocabular and the expressiveness of the dancer is in focus. DINOSAUR has been developed between 86 -89 to 2 versions for the stage and a discotheque version.

Weserkurier Bremen

“It comes to a dance climax when the fighting machines turn into sensible and intelligent creatures which got exterminated by a clima catastrophe. In a new space with violet- orange colour projections the dancer shows to the melodic music by Oregon her nearly unlimited repertoire of precisely danced and sometimes completely unusual forms of expression.”

Nordsee-Zeitung Bremerhaven

“..she is accompanied by the technicians who virtuously serve three slide projectors.”

WAZ/ Ruhrnachrichten

“ All tableaus prove of choreographic fantasy shown in a tryptichon space. Rarely slides, voice, music and lights form pure illusions. Mostly they create their own poetical stimulus.”

TAZ Bremen

“ A dance having lost the artificial. The thoroughly playful but also the beauty of the movements below upright walking prove it.”

Hessische Allgemeine

“The interplay of her movements, also of the shadow of her body, with the threatening close ups of the small dinos provoked in some scenes a surprising tension between the primeval times and today...”

Hessische Allgemeine

”The different images and scenes, the dense impressions and the great leap into a distant time- which at some points was presented a bit too funny -as well as Britta Lieberknecht's dance performance worth seeing – especially when she hangs from the ceiling and imitates an archetypal bird- made a strong impression on the grateful audience.”

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

by Kathrin Proebstl

“With brilliancy Britta Lieberknecht draws fom all the possibilities of her genre. She shows expressive physical theater, virtuous dance acrobatics up to elements of classical ballet.”


Dance- Slide Projection- Animation Piece for a dancer and 3 actors/technicians

Duration: 75 Min.
Director, Dancer: Britta Lieberknecht
Photos: Max Hudson
Technicians: Reinhard Gerum, Birgit Freitag
Media, Sound: Britta Lieberknecht
Mixage: Detlef Klepsch
Lights: Norbert Anklam, Horst Mühlberger
Photos: Emil Hustädt