Beben/ Vibrato ( Trembling/ Vibrato) is the title of Britta Lieberknecht's dancesolo, exhibiting vibrations deep inside the human body. Acting on the limited surface of a table she glides with hypnotic and expressive motion into a creaturous and mystical universe. Out of inner vibrations intense states of being evolve and transform, evoking fantastic imagery. Evolutionary process and the human bodie's vital sensuousness unveal. Watching the connectedness of the dancers body to the table driven to the obscure the spectator finds great inspiration. Christoph Hillmann, well known German Jazzmusician, uses soundbowls and an egyptian drum to unfold his interplay with the dancers vibrant motions. He plays the music to this arousing danceperformance modulating live percussion electronically into an intricate soundscape.

Nominated for the Cologne Dancetheater Award 2006 and chosen for the best dancepiece 2006 by Kölner Stadtrevue together with two Stadttheater productions.

Kölnische Rundschau

by Thomas Linden

“Only a table is what Britta Lieberknecht needs for her rousing danceperformance. The body seems to have completely surveyed to the music...the audience followed the performance hypnotized...these are all movements wich you have never seen before, created through this unique choreography. Everything authentical, no empty action like you see it so often in contemporary dance today- impressive.”

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

by Nicole Strecker 2006

”Surprisingly often in this festival live music was staged. Extraordinarily fine work was such a duo of the reknown Choreographer who danced to the percussion of musician Christoph Hillmann evoking intensely as well deep suffering as humor.”

Rheinische Post

by Stephanie Becker

“She rolls her eyes unbelievably fast into all directions, so that one gets dizzy from watching...In her piece she shows an impressive study about sounds invading each single fibre of her body, letting her vibrate and tremble.”


Dancesolo to Livemusic

Duration: 30 Min.
Dance: Britta Lieberknecht
Music: Christoph Hillmann
Lights: Wolfgang Pütz
Videodocumentation: Gerrit Busmann
Videostills: Gerrit Busmann
Photos: Jane Dunker

stage or performance space minimum 4 x 6m up to large stage
regular soundsystem with XLR connectors onstage
for small spaces two active loudspeakers are OK