A woman and a man circle around each other. Suddenly they tear each others clothes to pieces and challenge an erotic relationship. The clothes resist and tear setting free unforseable momentum while they evoke stunning imagery. Starting by ripping off the shirts the couple continues with pants and underwear until they are naked. Is is an erotic and nearly violent ritual, a forceful game based on trusting each other. While the outcome of the act is thoroughly consequent the qualitiy of the relationship ranges from great tenderness to fierceful roughness. Celebrating their liberation from daily life the couple passionately and humorously goes to the extreme.


Cooperation with the Goethe Institut Barcelona/ Festival Dies de Dansa 09

Performers: Britta Lieberknecht and Reinhard Gerum
Videodocumentation: Mar Cordob├ęs
Photos: Gabor Dusa
Duration: 15 min.
Stage : ca. 8 x 8m



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