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Foto: Britta Lieberknecht

Foto: Gerrit Busmann

Foto: Gerrit Busmann

Foto: Karl Kröger

Foto: Archiv

Foto: Archiv

Foto: Gerrit Busmann

Foto: Jane Dunker

Foto: Gerrit Busmann

Foto: Emil Hustädt

Foto: Archiv

Britta Artist


  • classical dance training in Düsseldorf
  • Performance art course with Sigrid Schwarz (student of Beuys)
  • Kunstakademie Düsseldorf: Painting and Movement Project
  • Workshops in Modern Dance and Jazz Dance at Centre de Danse Rosella Hightower Cannes; Dance Centre London and in Copenhagen


  • Amsterdam Theaterschool: Opleiding Moderne Dans, one training year


  • Clown at Roy Bosier, Rome
  • Commedia dell’Arte with Ferruchio Soleri
  • plays street theatre in Italy


  • Berlin, Method Acting – Strasberg Method with Walter Lott
  • Acting studies with Grotowski in Wroclaw (PL) and at the Roy Hart Theatre (F)
  • Breath, speech and voice training according to Schlaffhorst-Andersen
  • Voice, voice and movement by composer Vladimir Rodzianko
  • Member of the theatre company Ratibor Theatre
  • Dance project with Sara Shelton-Mann SF in Freiburg (BewegungsArt)
  • Dancer in the film project of Monika Vogel (DFFB)


  • Solo dance pieces, films, street performances

1984-86 (NYC)

  • Training at the Merce Cunningham School, studies with the Trisha Brown Dance Company and Viola Faber
  • Contactimprovisation, Releasework, Dance Therapy with Nancy Stark-Smith and other faculty from Movement Research and Naropa Institute (Boulder)
  • Releasework after Alan Wayne with Tamar Rogoff
  • Choreography Workshops with Robert Ellis Dunn and Trisha Brown
  • Jazz singing with Jeanne Lee, voice through the body with Lisa Sokolov
  • Dancing in pieces by Meredith Monk, Bread and Puppet Theatre, Tamar Rogoff, David Finkelstein
  • Own Duo – Productions in NYC


  • Tour with solo evening Aquarium
  • Interdisciplinary performances in Switzerland


  • Foundation of the group Britta Lieberknecht & Technicians with the physical actor Reinhard Gerum, numerous interdisciplinary dance productions and guest performances, presented among others at the Tanzhaus NRW, Opéra de Lille, The Place Theatre London, Akademie der Künste Berlin, Skulpturenmuseum Marl, Charleroi Danse, Dies de Dansa Barcelona
  • The successful piece Bombsville has had 30 guest performances


  • Ensemble member at PLAN KFrédéric Flamand, Brussels

since 1992

  • lives in Cologne, invited by Madeline Ritter to found the production company Mammut Tanzproduktion with Keith Ormand and Ricardo Viviani


  • Start of collaboration with the trombonist Paul Hubweber, development of several performance works and series. Exploration of the possibilities of equal performative interaction of dance and music with physical partnership


  • Cancellation of the Mammut Studio and opening of the company’s own production facility in Bergisch Gladbach

since 2003

  • Drawings and exhibitions, including Städtische Galerie Neuss


  • nominated for the Kölner Tanztheaterpreis with Beben Vibrato


  • Repertory workshops at the Trisha Brown Dance Company

since 2007

  • Dancer, choreographer and co-director for the theater monteure for young audiences


  • Start of collaboration with the visual artist Brele Scholz


  • Kölner Tanztheaterpreis for Berühren – Zerreissen


  • Foundation of Britta Lieberknecht & Company with Die Kunst des Staubsaugens with five dancers and the pianist Laurenz Gemmer as musical collaborator
  • Start of the choreographic exploration of new and early music


  • Begin of the collaboration with the visual artist Reni Scholz with the performance for her work Krisenhocker


  • As host and participant of the Galerie im Wiesengrund with her studio in Bergisch Gladbach.
  • Begin of the collaboration with the visual artist Jutta Dunkel
  • Begin of the collaboration with the dancer and performance artist Susanne Helmes


  • Start of collaboration with PAERsche Aktionslabor, platform for performance art
  • Start of the exploration of improvisation as performance
  • Development of her form of dance action painting with the performance Momentschicht in the Betonbox Düsseldorf


  • Founding member of the Performance Kollektive PML


  • Start of the collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Christiane Budden with the performance à table
  • Begin of the collaboration with the accordionist Eva Zöllner with the production Leise schäumt das Jetzt
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