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Reinhard Gerum

Foto: Frank Domahs

Foto: Frank Domahs

Foto: Gabor Dusa

Foto: Gabor Dusa

Foto: Archiv

Foto: Archiv

Foto: Gerrit Busmann

Foto: Gerrit Busmann

Foto: Gerrit Busmann

Foto: Gerrit Busmann

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Foto: Archiv

Foto: Gerrit Busmann

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Foto: Archiv

Foto: Archiv

Foto: Iris Raschke

Foto: Iris Raschke

Foto: Iris Raschke

Reinhard Gerum already played in theatre clubs at school. He was interested in interdisciplinary performance, performative action and theatre of the absurd.

In the 1980s, he performed in independent productions in Germany in productions of surreal theatre.

As a long-standing member of the Aktionstheater Kassel, he performed in Helga and Werner Zülch’s pictorially oriented works associated with action art, most recently in the 1996 production Anna und der König by Robert Thayenthal.

In 1988/89, he trained as an actor at the school of the freiraum theatre Bremen with a focus on movement theatre. There he learnt dance and performance with Britta Lieberknecht and discovered his love of dance.

In 1989, he founded the group Britta Lieberknecht & Technicians with Britta Lieberknecht as the acting technician in the multimedia dance piece Dinosaur, then created the successful piece Bombsville with her as a duo and a series of other installative and actionist dance duos and group pieces that characterised the group’s profile. His perseverance and boundary-pushing radicalism made the powerful works of this period possible, works that intensified to the point of exhaustion or developed into extremes with bizarre humour, culminating in 2001 with the multimedia dance performance Kanga-fucking-roo. In 2003, he ended his performative collaboration in order to support the group on a technical and dramaturgical level. In 2010, however, he and Britta Lieberknecht reworked the core works of their collaboration Bombsville and Gut Holz into Zerreißen and Crash and performed them with her until 2012, when he had to end his artistic work altogether due to the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Reinhard Gerum had a strong presence in dealing with objects, which in the encounter with Britta Lieberknecht acted as the ideal connecting factor for the movement of a non-dancer and a dancer – and so Britta focussed on installations made of objects during this period. A fruitful and unique connection developed.

Performed in

  • Dinosaurier
  • Gut Holz
  • Bombsville
  • Schwarz und Weiß
  • Kunstrasen I + II
  • Fluss TV
  • Gleis TV
  • Kalk TV
  • Sibelius ma non troppo
  • Kanga-fucking-roo
  • Crash
  • Performance Zerreißen

Lilo Stahl

Foto: Christina Marx

Freelance teaching/stage since 1981; major contributor to new dance developments and the establishment of improvisation as a stage form.

Studied and practised new dance at Naropa Institute Boulder (USA), Studio di Danza Firenze (Katie Duck). Her artistic development was also strongly influenced by Asian dance and forms of expression.

1979 Co-founder of bewegungs-art Freiburg, Centre for New Dance and Improvisation. 1987-91 Member of Dance Butter Tokio Anzu Furukawa, Japan.

She has created solo programmes and dance theatre pieces.

Since 1995 she has been researching and performing Instant Composition with dancers and musicians in international ensembles, including Sasha Waltz, Julyen Hamilton, Mark Tompkins, Meg Stuart, David Zambrano, Alessandro Certini, Charlotte Zerbey.

From 2006-2021 co-director of TIP – state-approved full-time training for dance, improvisation and performance. Since 2019 co-curator of onCe Festival, Freiburg.

2021 sounDance Festival Berlin, Premiere Solo what if – on the theme of silence & noise, sponsored by Distanz-Solo.

Since 2022, development of the performance concept findings for the Instant Composition group The Accomplicies.

Continuous: Duets with violinist Harald Kimmig, in the Quintet Kimmig, Studer, Zimmerlin (music) & Schumacher, Stahl (dance).

Performer in

  • Leise schäumt das Jetzt

Neus Barcons Roca


Neus Barcons Roca completed her studies in contemporary dance at the EESA/CPD of the Barcelona Theatre Institute in 2007. Scholarship holder with Jennifer Muller in NYC. In 2012 she graduated from her second contemporary dance programme at SEAD (Salzburg) and took part in the Bhodi Project. She took part in Ulitma Vèz’s research programme, Vim Vandenkeybus, and danced for Jelka Milic, Nigel Charnok and Ivan Schauvliege, among others.

She has lived in Brussels since 2014. She choreographs and teaches together with Matevz Dobaj in Brussels, Ghent, Barcelona and Slovenia.

Neus works with artists in dance, video dance and visual arts. She has been dancing with Britta Lieberknecht since 2015, with Mouvoir, Stephanie Thiersch since 2019 in several productions, including Bilderschlachten and Archipel as well as with Karen Bößer, Nazanin Fakor and Isabella Soupart, among others.

dances in

  • Vibes
  • Solo „Sonate für Violine solo“
  • Space for your imagination
  • Schimmerndes Blau

Jacob Gómez Ruiz

Foto: Martin Miseré

Jacob Gómez Ruiz lives between Barcelona and Cologne. He trained at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza, Institut del Teatre, Barcelona.

He was an ensemble member of: Luna Negra Dance Theatre Chicago, IT Dansa Jove Companyia de l’Institut del Teatre, Emanuele Soavi Incompany, Stadttheater Pforzheim – Guido Markowitz, Stadttheater Bielefeld – Simone Sandroni, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Bibiana Jeminez and others.and others, and has been producing his own works in Barcelona since 2020. Choreographer of the TANZ-Jugendclub of the Theater Bielefeld.

Awards: 2019 Audience Award in Premis de Dansa de l´Institut del Teatre and Premi Butaca 2020 best male dancer in Barcelona.

Dancer in

  • Vibes

Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica

Foto: Martin Miseré

Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica is a Venezuelan dancer and works out of Cologne. She holds a BA in Contemporary Dance from the ZZT – Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Cologne and an MA in Languages/Translation from the Universidad de Los Andes in Venezuela.

Immersed in the exploration of peculiar forms of communication, her work builds new ways of interaction between people, time and space. Since 2007 she has worked with artists such as Willi Dörner, Constanza Ruiz, MD Kollektiv, Marina Abramović, Özlem Alkis, Alexandra Waierstall, Sophia Seiss, Michéle Murray, Coreoarte. 2020/21 member of Compagnie Thor by Thierry Smits, Brussels.

She is one of NRW’s most promising choreographers with her critical and humorous view of post-colonialism and other vital topics and her own radical body language. Her own works include What, where and when are we? and ON:Joy. She was a resident at Pact Zollverein and at TanzFaktur Köln and received numerous grants, including 2024 Tanzrecherche NRW, which enabled her to conduct research in Cairo for her project Deep into the Unheard Cosmologies.


Dancer in

  • Vibes

Dario Wilmington

Foto: Martin Miseré

Clara Thierry

Foto: Martin Miseré

Christiane Budden

Foto: Susanne Duddeck

Christiane Budden initially studied at the Cologne Else-Lang-Fachschule für Musik, Tanz und Gymnastik. Subsequently studied with James Saunders (Tanzprojekte Köln) and at the Rotterdams Danceakademie. From 1996-99 specialised school for social pedagogy, leisure pedagogy at the Johan Michael Sailer Institute. In 2005 she completed her training as a dance and movement therapist.

From 1992, she danced with the Dance Cerciut Amsterdam Perron 2, with Norma Raimondi Groupe Co-Incidence and Keith Ormand Performance in Cologne, among others. She subsequently created solo performances in collaboration with visual artists, often for the AdK Bergisch Gladbach and the artists’ cooperative of the Grube Weiss. As well as the solo project Timeless in collaboration with the sound artists Detlef Weigand and Manuele Klein at Kulturhaus Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach. Since 2000, she has been teaching children, young people and adults to perform choreographic projects, one of which won an intergenerational award. In 2015, she founded the amateur dance Human Dance Company and presented the Human Dance technique she developed. She works for the Jekitsstiftung and Kultur und Schule.

First collaboration with Britta Lieberknecht in the dance performance á table 2023.

Partner in

  • à table

Susanne Helmes (SusaHee)

Foto: Britta Lieberknecht

Susanne Helmes is an ethnologist and art historian, M.A. and has been working as a performer, choreographer and dancer since the 1980s. Based in Cologne, she presents her solo and group performances internationally, focussing on Spain and Asia. She studied classical pantomime in Paris and Cologne and has travelled Europe as a street mime. She developed her knowledge of performative art in New York City with the dance and performance scene of the 1980/90s in co-operation with Time and Space Limited (Linda Mussmann), Merce Cunningham and John Cage, among others. She is part of various collectives, including the Performance Art Lab PAE, Cologne and PML Kollektiv, Cologne, and organises the Flipbook project in Spain on her own initiative. From 2002-2014, she initiated and directed the children’s dance theatre Azul.

In 2018, she was invited by the Mongolian Choreographers Federation to Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, with a focus on combining traditional dance forms with contemporary dance and theatre.

Since 2017, performances have been created in Cologne in collaboration with refugees from war zones and professional dancers and musicians. This format will be continued. She is currently travelling with solo works and group participations and is preparing a 360-degree film installation.

Performer with Britta Lieberknecht in the

  • Performance Kollektiv PML

Barbara Fuchs

Anaïs Van Eycken

Kanako Minami

Paraskevi Terzi

Sofia Ndaba

Stefanie Schwimmbeck

Petra Van Gompel

David Hernandez

Colas Lucot

Photini Meletiadis

Henar Fuentetaja

Miguel Tornero

Claire Lavernhe

I-Fen Lin

Olaf Reinecke

Nina Hänel


Paul Hubweber

Foto: Gerhard Richter

Paul Hubweber (trombone, guitar, voice) is a unique soloist of improvised, contemporary trombone playing. He studied trombone with Albert Mangelsdorff, Paul Rutherford, Günter Christmann, Radu Malfatti and George E. Lewis. He has been giving solo concerts internationally since 1978. He leads his own formations, including PaPaJo with Paul Lovens and John Edwards. Concerts with Paul Lytton, Peter Kowald, John Butcher and many more.

Paul Hubweber has also been working interdisciplinary for a long time, often with dancers, especially with Fine Kwiatkowski, Jean Sasportes and Britta Lieberknecht. Since 1996, he has been exploring the interactive and equal partnership of music and dance with her in pieces and improvisation series, often as physical partners.

He also works across different genres for municipal theaters and film productions. His interpretations of J.S. Bach’s cello suites with his own approach as well as composing film music are an important part of his work. In the Performance Kollektiv PML, he develops a spatial synergy of sound, noise, voice, object and movement with Britta Lieberknecht and other artists from various genres.

Paul Hubweber is regularly presented at international festivals such as documenta 8 (DE), Ars Electronica Linz (A), Experimental Media (NYC), CIEF Festival Copenhagen, Pro Musica Nova Bremen etc.


Performer in

  • Drücken Sie den Posaunisten
  • Köln Projekt
  • Ohrsichtig
  • fortlaufende Aufführungsserie Sur place
  • Hund und Katze
  • Tier/Ich/Tier
  • Performance Kollektiv PML

Eva Zöllner

Foto: Marc Doradzillo

Eva Zöllner studied accordion at the HfMT Köln and at the Königlich Dänisches Konservatorium in Copenhagen. She is one of the most active accordionists of her generation and is passionately dedicated to contemporary music. As an internationally sought-after artist, she presents projects ranging from experimental solo performances to collaborations with renowned ensembles (musikFabrik, HR-Sinfonieorchester, Ensemble Modern, NDR-Elbphilharmonieorchester, Royal Opera House Covent Garden and others.a.). She is a regular guest at festivals for new music (IMD Darmstadt, Gaudeamus, Achtbrücken, Biennale di Venezia, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and others.a.).

In 2019, she performed as a soloist in the major project Anders Hören by Marina Abramovic at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt. Concert tours have taken her to all continents; she is regularly supported by the Goethe-Institut. Collaboration with composers all over the world is an important aspect of her work. She also works with improvised music in various constellations and is particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects.

Her most recent appearance in this context was in June 2023 in the multimedia production slanted silhouettes in Ghana with West African dancers. In 2023, her solo CD voces, señales with contemporary music from Colombia, recorded with Deutschlandfunk, was released on the GENUIN classics label.

Eva Zöllner lives in the Westerwald and often travels to explore her instrument in a wide variety of contexts and cultures.

Ensemble member in

  • Leise schäumt das Jetzt

Harald Kimmig

Foto: Simon Chmel

Harald Kimmig (violin) is an improvising musician, performer and composer. His work is concerned with the exploration of sounds and forms by means of improvisation and their connections with other arts. In his music ensembles, he mainly plays improvised music. The cosmos of sounds that he creates on his violin is impressive. In a virtuoso manner, he combines sounds produced on the instrument with conventional violin playing. Over the years, he has developed a unique, unmistakable style.

In the past, he has worked with Peter Kowald, Cecil Taylor, John Tchicai and Steve Lacy, among others. In addition to solo programmes, he can currently be heard in the Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin, in the Trio KHW (with Sascha Henkel, guitar, and Christian Weber, double bass), in a duo with eriKm (electronics), in a duo with Ephraim Wegner (electronics), Lilo Stahl (dance) and others.among others. For his performance Interface he received the Dance and Theatre Prize of the State of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Stuttgart in 2019.

Numerous CD and radio productions.

Musicians and performers in

  • Kanga-fucking-roo
  • Leise schäumt das Jetzt

Gerno Bogumil

Foto: Martin Miseré

Gerno Bogumil (trumpet, objects, bass, percussion et al.) works nationally and internationally as a performance artist and musician with, among others, the music groups: The Absurd, Intermission, Bogumil-Zierold-Duo, ADAM NOIDLT Missiles with Mary-Noel Dupuis, Banda Metafisika and many more.and much more. He performs as a soloist in project-related works, for example KlangDrang-Festival Unerhörter-Musik, Altstadtherbst Kulturfestival in Düsseldorf.

In the early 1980s, he worked as a performer and musician with the legendary performance group Minus Delta T. He has worked artistically with Angie Hiesl continuously since 1986.

Musician and performer in

  • Vibes
  • Tier/Ich/Tier
  • Performance Kollektiv PML

Marei Seuthe

Foto: Privat

Marei Seuthe (cello, voice and music theatre) studied at the HfMT Köln and now works at the interface between improvisation, composition and performance with cello, voice and singing saw. Based in Bergisch Galdbach, she works with musicians, composers, dancers and video artists in Germany and abroad.

In particular with the artist Peter Hölscher, with whom she has developed various photo-video-music projects and whose sound sculptures she regularly plays in concerts and at festivals. As well as with the musician and composer Dietmar Bonnen.

She has performed with various formations at international festivals, such as the Festival Météo in Mulhouse (F) and the Beethovenfest Bonn. She was invited as a guest artist to the HumaNoise Congress in Wiesbaden in 2002 and to the New Directions Cello Festival in Ithaca, New York in 2012 and 2014. She created the experimental choral piece Missa as part of the Lichte Stille festival organised by the Archdiocese of Cologne. In 2009, she was invited to the Theatertreffen in Berlin as a stage musician with the production Wunschkonzert by Schauspiel Köln. She has developed several programmes in the Philharmonie mini series of the Cologne Philharmonic and freelance programmes for WDR.

Musician and performer in

  • Motaphysis
  • A site-specific performance in the St. Johannis Church in Cologne-Brück

Irmgard Himstedt

Foto: Privat

Irmgard Himstedt is a performance artist, dancer, improvisation musician (flute, voice) and teacher.

She studied rhythmics at the Musikhochschule Trossingen with Prof. Elisabeth Gutjahr, majoring in music and movement and improvisation. She later received improvisation lessons from Dieter Heitkamp, Alito Alessi (contact improvisation), Julyen Hamilton (music and dance), Guy Dartnell (voic(e)motion) and Michael Dick (BeWegen), among others. Since 2000 she has dedicated herself to the study of free movement art according to Suprapto Suryodarmo (Amerta Movement). With the actress A. Barbara Hagin, she toured throughout Germany for 15 years with four scenic musical productions. Since 2017, she has been intensively involved in the development of improvised solo performance art with music, movement, voice, language, emotion and object installation.

Her freelance concert activities, musical direction, performance art festivals and her involvement in the independent theatre scene have taken her abroad time and again, including to CH, HR, ESP, GB and NL. She is a member of the Cologne PAE Aktionslabor für Performance Kunst, the Kölner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik (kgnm), the Performance Kollektivs PML and the Cologne Stimmfeld-Verein, which deals with the study of the human voice without limits (extended voice according to Roy Hart).

Performer in

  • Tier/Ich/Tier
  • Performance Kollektiv PML

Hannah Weirich

Foto: Klaus Rudolph

Hannah Weirich received her first violin lessons at the age of six. She became a junior student with Prof Agostini in 1992 and studied with Prof Turban at the HfM Stuttgart from 1999-2004. She attended masterclasses with Gulli, Neamann, Ozim and Zsigmondy, among others.

In 1992, she founded the Trio Fridegk with her sister Anna Weirich and Silvia Nitschke. The trio won national (Berlin 2003) and international prizes (Hradec 2000) and reached the final round of the Melbourne International Chamber Competition in 2007, gave concerts throughout Europe and Asia and was artist-in residence at the UC Davis in California in 2002.

As a soloist, she has performed with the Nürnberger Symphonikern, the State Philharmonic Orchestra Krakow and the Philharmonischen Orchester Hagen. She has received several prizes, including 1st prize at the Jakob-Stainer-Violinwettbewerb and the Förderpreis des Landes NRW in 2011. Hannah Weirich works with the Ensemble Resonanz, among others with the ascolta, ensemble plus, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Contemporaneartensemble (Florence) and the jazz formation Shreefpunk. In 2005, she joined the Ensemble Musikfabrik, with whom she performed at important national and international festivals.

In addition to her busy concert schedule, she also works as a teacher for the Bundesjugendorchesters and the Jugendensembles für Neue Musik Studio Musikfabrik.

Violinist and performer in

  • Sonate für Violine Solo
    Music by B.A. Zimmermann
    Commissioned by the Acht Brücken I Musik Köln Festival in cooperation with the Ensemble Musikfabrik

Laurenz Gemmer

Foto: Privat

Laurenz Gemmer is a pianist and lecturer for piano works at the music academies in Leipzig, Rostock, Freiburg, Cologne and Zurich. He is a composer and musician for the Tanztheater Braunschweig for the choreographer Gregor Zöllig.

Studied with Paulo Álvares, Florian Weber and Hubert Nuß at the music academies in Cologne and Osnabrück, training in new music, jazz and classical music. As a scholarship holder of the Kunststiftung NRW, he studied Carnatic music in Chennai, Madras.

At the Grotrian Steinweg Wettbewerben in Weimar, he won the Audience Award, prizes for song and improvisation.

With Shifting Grounds by the ZZT der HfMT Köln, he began his collaboration with dance and developed it further with the dancer Photini Meletiadis in the duo SubContinentiousCycles.

Current projects range from experimental music with performance (Das Klangregime, Das Ende der Liebe) or electronics (Turm der Liebe) to the contemporary repertoire of new music (Trio GeradeUngerade). Gemmer is a guest of renowned venues such as the Kölner Philharmonie, the Konzerthaus Dortmund and the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.

musical collaborator and composer for

  • Die Kunst des staubsaugens

Matthias Buchholz

Peter Stein

Toshiko Takada

Christoph Hillmann

Joseph Kirschgen

Willy Daum

Visual arts

Brele Scholz

Foto: Harald Schluttig

“Brele Scholz (wood sculpture, photographic installation/sculpture and drawing) is self-taught. For this reason, she was not restricted by the taboo of figuration. Correct anatomy is not a priority for her. Limbs are distorted at will, injuries exposed. Her style is serious and straightforward, straight from the heart, in a way that the expressionists would have envied. Her figures emerge from inner necessity…”
Excerpt from: The figures of Brele Scholz, Ecce Homo, Anne Berk, art critic/curator and coordinator for sculpture network NL, February 2016

Brele Scholz’s wooden sculptures, ranging from small to monumental formats, are presented nationally and internationally at numerous exhibitions. She has also been offering art therapy programmes since 2021 and has been an art therapist and family facilitator since 2023.

Brele Scholz commissioned for the opening of her exhibitions

  • Loverman
  • Hund und Katze
  • Tier/Ich/Tier

Reni Scholz

Foto: Privat

Reni Scholz sees her work as sculptural action. It ranges from sculptural drawing, to the storage of time in relief, to interactive, site-specific sculptural events in space. Video films and photos are also part of this work.

Studied at the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Tony Cragg, Bernd Minnich, Michael Buthe, 1986 master student. After her 5-month study visit to Marrakech, Morocco, she became a founding member of Galerie 68elf, Cologne. 2002 nomination for the Marler Videopreis. Member of Kunstverein Ruhr, Essen and Kunstverein Rhein-Sieg. 2020 Winner of the Tagore international film festival with the video Sculptural Event No. 10, a collaboration with Britta Lieberknecht and Beate Gördes. 2020 MKW grant for the development of the Response-art project, exhibitions and more: Stadtmuseum Siegburg (sculptural event); Kunsthaus, Essen (solo show) – Kunstverein Ruhr, Alte Synogoge, Essen (ROT); Zollverein Essen (CAR/Energy I), Kommunale Galerie Berlin (Energy II); Kunstverein Rheinland-Westfalen, Düsseldorf (Perspektiven 3). In 2020, she created the large-scale project Call and Response-art. In response to coronavirus, she commissioned 66 artist colleagues to respond creatively to a question she posed. Presented in several exhibitions and benefit sales. Purchases from the artotheques Kunstverein Bonn, Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders, Städtisches Museum Siegburg.


  • Krisenhocker at the opening of her exhibition
  • Missing Lola as a performance for her work of the same name in the programme of the Galerie im Wiesengrund


  • the film Skulpturales Ereignis Nr. 10 together with Britta Lieberknecht, prize of the Tagore Film Festival

Jutta Dunkel

Foto: Janine Schubert

Drawing, installation, photography. Philosophical, literary and political-sociological studies form an important background to Jutta Dunkel’s work.

1977-79 Studied at the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Since 1988 numerous exhibitions of installations and drawings.

Since 1992, continuous development of the Fiktive Galerie in Wiesengrund (loosely based on Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno). 2019 Exhibition 808 in Bourgoin-Jailleu, 2019/20 and 2021/22 annual exhibitions at the Alte Post/Städtische Galerie Neuss. 2020 Art Museum Villa Zanders Bergisch Gladbach, double exhibition with the photographer Martin Rosswog. 2021 Bilder enthüllen, Thinking 1 and Denken 2 project at Galerie im Wiesengrund and 2022 Kahnweiher?Kahnweiher! at Kultursommer Bergisch Gladbach, solo exhibition at Deutzer Dom, Cologne and participant in the exhibition Vor Ort sein – die Erfindung des Alltäglichen at Atelierhaus Moos, Bergisch Gladbach. She is a participant in Reni Scholzen’s large-scale project response art and has been presented three times in the annual exhibition of the Städtische Galerie Neuss, most recently in 2024.

Organised the performance

  • Sei leise sonst weckst Du die Kleine to the work of the same name in the Atelierrundgang 2017

Collaborates with Britta Lieberknecht on several exhibition projects.

Michael Vorfeld

Foto: Privat

Michael Vorfeld is a musician, visual artist and performance artist. Michael Vorfeld began his autodidactic development as a percussionist at the age of 14. His site-specific performance work began in 1982 as a member of Heinrich Mucken. He then studied art in Cologne and visual communication in Kassel and trained as a photographer in Cologne.

Presentation of his often audiovisual light installations and cross-border performances, among other things documenta 8, Kassel, Palais de Beaux Arts Brussels, Expo German Pavilion Hanover, Goethe Institute Hanoi, Center of Contemporary Art Warsaw, Plan B Tokyo, The Substation Singapore, Art in General New York and in many other national and international programmes and festivals.

Based in Berlin, he is active in the fields of experimental music, improvised music and sound art with concerts and presentations of his works in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia and is a member of numerous interdisciplinary formations and ensembles.

designed and performed the light installation in

  • Drücken Sie den Posaunisten

Film & Web

Barbara Schröer

Foto: Thomas Banneyer

Barbara Schröer has been working as a video artist in the field of dance and theatre for over 18 years. She studied contemporary dance at the Hochschule der Künste (EDDC) in Arnhem, was on stage as a performer for ten years and switched to the side behind the camera in 2006.

Since then, she has collaborated with numerous artists, collectives, theatres and production venues in NRW. She documents dance, creates portraits and films for the stage in close collaboration with choreographers and directors. She sees it as her task to convey the special world of art and stage, to capture the complexity of stage narrative and movement on film.

In 2023, together with Julia Franken and Cecilia Gläsker, she founded the K3 Filmkollektiv, which specialises in artistic film productions in the field of art and culture.

Barbara Schröer filmed

  • Hund und Katze
  • Sonate für Violine Solo
  • Sonate für Viola Solo …an den Gesang eines Engels
  • Tier/Ich/Tier
  • Leise schäumt das Jetzt

Monika Pirch

Monika Pirch has been working in the context of moving images, photography and film since 1996.

After 2010, she shifted her focus from fine art to film, directing documentary formats (ARD, WDR and KIKA) and producing two artistic documentaries as a freelance filmmaker.

Halder Pop – Dorf mit Festival (2020) received an honourable mention at the Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2020 and was nominated for the Deutschen Dokumentarfilmpreis in the music category.

She has also regularly collaborated with dancers, artists and institutions, such as the Museum Kunstpalast, the Malort Düsseldorf and the dance productions of Katja F.M.Wolff (2007-10) and, since 2012, with Britta Lieberknecht.

Monika Pirch filmed

  • Die Kunst des staubsaugens
  • Schimmerndes Blau
  • Space for your imagination
  • Vibes

Matthias Schwerbrock

Foto: Matthias Schwerbrock

Mathias Schwerbrock – film producer, author and director (new formats and arthouse films). Has been working since 1984, first in Munich and since 1994 from Berlin, as a line producer of many international film and TV productions, executive producer e.g. of Romuald Karmakar’s films Die Nacht singt ihre Lieder and as a producer of his own films. Founded cronaca film in 2002 and Film Base Berlin in 2006 to produce feature, television and documentary films and experimental media formats.

He went to school with Britta Lieberknecht and created the first cross-dance photo and Super8 film experiments with her.

Mathias Schwerbrock filmed

  • 1980 with Super8 the performance Gold on the Piazza San Marco in Venice and acted as part of the performance
  • 1991 the trailer for Bombsville
  • 1995 the commissioned work Muybridge Tänze for the solo programme of the same name by Britta Lieberknecht

Gerrit Busmann

Foto: Privat

Gerrit Busmann is a freelance TV journalist and film producer. He has worked for WDR since 1985, producing many cultural features and documentaries, including for ARD, for arte and EINS-FESTIVAL, as well as countless regional cultural reports and permanent, continuous cultural formats such as NRW Premiere for WDR television’s Lokalzeit Köln.

Since 1989 parallel work as a film producer for artists and agencies: realisation of dance and theatre recordings, artist portraits, demo tapes. With his great ability to film dance, to anticipate the flow of movement and to oversee the action and to let the flow of the piece emerge again in the editing, he was a very important companion and supporter of Britta’s work and she is grateful to him for the opportunity to archive this phase of her work.

Gerrit Busmann filmed recordings of

  • Kunstrasen I+II
  • Fluss TV
  • Gleis TV
  • Muybridge Tänze
  • Drücken Sie den Posaunisten
  • Kanga-fucking-roo
  • Köln Projekt
  • Ohrsichtig
  • Karijini Song
  • Beben-Vibrato
  • Funky Waltz
  • Berühren-Zerreißen

He created the film for the piece

  • Barbie Hypnose

Frank Domahs

Foto: Frank Domahs

Frank Domahs, born in 1968, lives and works in Cologne. After two years at the Bild press agency transparent, he went freelance in 1997 and has since worked as a freelance photographer in the fields of documentary, reportage, theatre and concerts.

Awards: dpa Picture of the Year, Cologne Media Prize

Frank Domahs created and maintains

  • this homepage by Britta Lieberknecht

Lighting design

Garlef Keßler

Foto: Privat

Garlef Keßler studied Applied Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice at Uni Hildesheim and is a master craftsman in event technology. The search for his own creative design possibilities in connection with the moving body led him to work with light at an early stage. He was initially a lighting assistant at Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel (Amsterdam) and Sasha Waltz & Guests (Berlin).

Since 2004, he has worked as a freelance lighting designer for various dance companies in the Cologne area, currently for Overhead Project, Silke Z/resistdance, Gustavo Gomez, flies & tales and IPtanz, among others.

Since 2011, he has been in charge of event technology and lighting design at the Latibul Theater- & Zirkuspädagogischen Zentrum Köln. He is the technical director for various dance festivals, in particular the annual SoloDuo Festival NRW & friends at Barnes Crossing and a lecturer in theatre and stage lighting.

Garlef designs the lighting for

  • Leise schäumt das Jetzt

Dietrich Schuckließ

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Event technician and lighting designer at the Comedia Theater in Cologne. Works for independent theatre and dance productions including Özlem Alkis, Sabina Perry, Marje Hirvonen, Antje Velsinger, Ilona Paszthy, Barbara Fuchs.

Light design for

  • Vibes

Horst Mühlberger

Foto: Oliver Naudit

Horst Mühlberger worked as a developer of image processing systems and measurement technology, followed his passion for light and lighting technology on stages and in architecture and became technical director first at the Tanzhaus NRW and then at the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum.

In his work, the experiences and principles of architecture and stage lighting are constantly inspired and enriched by each other. He was a lecturer at the Fachhochschule Dortmund in the field of design.

In addition to lighting concepts for dance and theatre productions by Vera Sander, Susanne Linke, Birgit Freitag, Ursula Nill and Brabara Fuchs, lighting concepts were also created for Das Gelbe Haus in Düsseldorf, for the Dampfgebläsehaus, the Turbinenhalle and the Pumpenhaus on the grounds of the Jahrhunderthalle as well as for the Videokunstmuseum and the Bundesbauministerkonfernz 2011 at the Schachtturm unter dem Herkules in Essen.

Light design for

  • Schimmerndes Blau – it was the first design for LED lighting technology in the Cologne independent dance scene, with the support of the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum

Marco Wehrspann

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Marco Wehrspann is an engineer for theatre technology, stage and lighting master, studied in Berlin. Worked as production manager for the Expo 2000 and the Berliner Festspiele and was technical director of the Tanzfabrik Berlin. Since 1995 lighting design and touring for many freelance choreographers, including Germaine Acogny, Rosalind Crisp and Barbara Fuchs, Achim Wölfel NEUER TANZ. Technical director of the BRUT theatre in Vienna and currently of the ZZT der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz. Also lecturer for lighting at the ZZT.

Lighting design for

  • Funky Waltz

Wolfgang Pütz

Foto: Privat

Wolfgang Pütz is a trained toolmaker and CNC milling cutter. 1989 dance lessons with Sonia Mota. Lighting technician and lighting designer, lighting technician for dance and theatre groups, children’s and youth projects, including Dance for Teens, as well as for productions by numerous Cologne dancers and choreographers, including Sonia Mota, Marcio Valeriano, Koni Hanft, Yoshie Shibahara, Julia Riera – MIRA Performance, Barbara Fuchs Tanzfuchs Produktion (Eliteförderung NRW). From 1999 he was technician for tanz hautnah Köln, later technical director of Barnes Crossing, Cologne and until today of the SoloDuo Festival.

“I love working with wood, I like the smell and the creation of furniture, it’s like dance – first there’s an idea and then a whole piece develops.”

Light design for

  • Beben Vibrato
  • and often technical advisor to Britta Lieberknecht

Press and public relations

Ellen Brombach

Foto: Michael Oreal

After studying sports science, specialising in elementary dance at the Sporthochschule Köln, Ellen Brombach became a freelance journalist and communications and marketing consultant, working in communications since 1996.

She initially worked as an editor at the communications agency and television production company TV.Media. There she produced journalistic film contributions for public (including ZDF, SWR, MDR, WDR) and private (including WDR) broadcasters.including RTL, VOX, Sat1) broadcasters and industrial films for companies. She then worked as a freelance journalist for film, radio, print and the internet.

From 2007, she worked increasingly in the field of press and public relations and marketing, including for the Deutschen Kinderschutzbund Landesverband Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. She still works in the field of culture, for NGOs and associations.

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