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Foto: Marc Doradzillo

Foto: Marc Doradzillo

Foto: Marc Doradzillo

Foto: Marc Doradzillo

Britta Lieberknecht dancers & musicians

Leise schäumt das Jetzt

Dance and music performance


Friday 12 July 2024 at 8:00 pm

Further dates

Saturday 13.07.2024 at 8:00 pm
Sunday 14.07.2024 at 6:00 pm


Alte Feuerwache Köln / Hall
Melchiorstraße 3
DE-50670 Cologne

Harald Kimmig – Violin
Britta Lieberknecht – dance
Lilo Stahl – dance
Eva Zöllner – accordion

Duration: approx. 60 min.

Soundscapes emanate from the accordion and the pulsating violin makes them dance. Two dancers transform the atmosphere with their movements. The exchange of energy between accordionist Eva Zöllner and violinist Harald Kimmig and dancers Lilo Stahl and Britta Lieberknecht creates a poetic work in which the relationship between dance and music constantly takes on new facets. The absence of a preconceived plan is highly exciting for both the audience and the performers: their delicate improvisations unfold with flair, intuition and empathy.

The individual expressiveness and outstanding quality are what make this experienced team so appealing.

Cologne is a good address for performative encounters between dance and live music. With her work, Britta Lieberknecht has been a driving force in Cologne since 1992. As a dancer and choreographer, she specialises in the interaction of dance with new, old and improvised music.

Lilo Stahl is a dancer with a performative focus on dance as instant composition and as interaction with improvising musicians.

Eva Zöllner works as an accordionist with outstanding new music ensembles and across disciplines. She produces commissioned compositions worldwide, with an interest in music by contemporary female composers outside Europe.

Harald Kimmig is an improvising musician, composer and performer. He plays in many international formations as well as solo concerts and incorporates movement into his violin playing. He specialises in interaction with dance.

PAE Aktionslabor

Handel(n) – SCHAU! Fe(N)ster

Performances in retail, Cologne Südstadt
by Gerno Bogumil, Susanne Helmes, Irmgard Himstedt, Patricia Langfeld, Constantin Leonhard, Britta Lieberknecht, Katharina Maister, Evamaria Schaller, Alice De Visscher and others.


Saturday 20 July 2024
Admission free
Start of the guided tour: 14:30
Meeting point: corner Kurfürstenstraße/Alteburgerstraße, 50678 Cologne

Participating shops:
Litty Bookshop
Getränke Cegel
Der Kerzenladen
39einhalb, the shoe shop
a former shop with a car park
Kölner Kostümkiste
Optik Alfuß

Project concept:
Constantin Leonhard
Susanne Helmes

Handel(n) – SCHAU! Fe(N)ster is an attempt by PAE Aktionslabor e.V. to win over retailers as actors and accomplices in order to draw attention to the difficult situation of retailers in Cologne using performance culture. The project’s key questions put up for discussion issues of the urban future and quality of life in the city: do we want to shop in an anonymous, ‘sterile’ environment, do we want automated machines instead of a competent specialist, or do we prefer this all-important social and human contact? How present should individually designed shop windows be in our cities? But questions about supply chains and products, sustainability and the value of the local also drive the initiated dialogue between artists, retailers and the public.

Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Köln and the NRW Kultursekretariat.



at the Cologne Sport University M.A. Dance

Since completing her training as a Feldenkrais teacher, Britta Lieberknecht has been researching and developing her new form of teaching for amateurs, advanced students and professionals as well as for mixed classes:
>From sensed anatomy to function to dance.

First, we explore the anatomy of our musculoskeletal system and its function. 3D projection makes it easier to visualise and find a living anatomical structure in your own body.

In a further step, we feel and touch the structure and get to know it with small functional movements. We discover and develop the connections and interrelationships in movement and use them playfully as a source of dance. The individual body part is integrated into the balance and strength system.

The relationship and support of the body parts to each other and their relationship to the floor and space is the focus of the class, which is deepened through anatomical study. There are several lessons for each part of the body, both in build-up and stand-alone units.

The aim is to differentiate and develop movement and to complete the body image and self-image. The result is freer and at the same time better guided movement.

In the process, we not only experience the joy of enriched dance movement but also resolve blind spots in our body image: Areas that we don’t perceive at all or as a block take shape and unfold their potential in our dance. Anatomy and function – simply parts of ourselves – also have an emotional and energetic side that we use creatively.

On our own behalf:

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